Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Canihotel Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Tel. 666 346 643

Amidst olive tree groves and in a welcoming environment, our premises include boarding kennels, a cattery and daycare centre, leisure areas, one pool, and a training ground for your pet dog.

With round-the-clock supervision, we offer our pet guests such personalized care and socialization that a strong bond is created between our guests and our boarding centre, which will eventually become their second home.

Our boarding and daycare centre includes 20 interconnecting  kennels, which allows for making up one large double unit from two contiguous ones.

Each kennel features a dirt area for your dog to dig and scratch on as well as an insulated wood house with a flat roof for them to climb on as they would in the wild.

Our feline guests have an independent cattery fitted with individual units, completely separated from the canine areas and comfortably heated during the cold days and months.

Likewise, we offer boarding and daycare services to other kinds of pets such as an open-air terrarium for tortoises and special units for furries -hamsters, rabbits, squirrels…- and birds. Please ask for further information.

Our centre runs entirely on solar power and our own safe drinking water source.

Make sure to book well in advance. Phone or visit us at our pet shops in Tortosa and Vinaròs. You can also make your reservation by filling out a form in the CONTACT US section on this website.

Have all your pet’s documentation ready –Boarding Checklist. If you have any queries or do not have any of the documents required, please contact us.

For your convenience, bank cards are welcome.