Grooming Parlour


Françoise’s Pet Grooming Parlour


Tortosa Parlour Phone:  977 445 596

Vinaròs Parlour Phone:  964 452 855

With over 30 years experience, we’d love to be your trusted partner for your pet’s health and looks.

Pet Care Check: We make sure everything looks or feels normal: bright eyes, clean odourless ears, clean shiny teeth, moist nose, shiny healthy skin and coat, healthy nails, moist uncracked pads…

Full Grooming: Dog breed haircuts, hair clips & trims, brush-outs,  desheds, medicated baths, flee baths, ear cleaning, nail trims…, perfume, medicated shampoos, collar bows, bandanas, and every product or accessory that you need for your pet to look like a star.

Service Days:

Tuesday and Thursday (Tortosa)

Wednesday and Friday (Vinaròs)

By appointment only.