Boarding Checklist

In order to safeguard our pet guests’ health and safety, it is of paramount importance that all pets accepted for boarding will not pose a threat to health and safety of other resident pets and have been treated recently for internal and external parasites.

Pet documentation:

  • Up to date Vaccination Card or Pet Passport

  • Proof of Microchipping, for canine residents only.


  • Optionally a collar, leash, blanket, bed and a toy.

  • Medication, treatment or food supplement required by your pet during the stay.

  • Unless prescribed by a veterinary surgeon, it is not necessary to bring your pet’s own food.

Besides, the owner or person in charge of a pet must produce:

  • A valid ID card or Passport.

  • Contact addresses and phone numbers of family members or friends if the owner or person in charge of a pet is going away.

  • Preferred veterinary service in the area in case of illness or emergency.

Centre dels Animals Arasa has its own veterinary service.